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Best jewellery house in gazipur As soon as the wedding bells ring, every bride thinks about how they would look on the big day. The complete wedding attire is what the focus should be on and a wedding jewellery collection tops the priorities list along with the outfit . Best jewellery house in gazipur    In an Indian wedding, the majority of the attention always goes to the bride and therefore, it is important for the bride to look her absolute best. Not just to impress the guests, obviously! Any bride would want that for herself! Apart from the outfit, the first thing to select is the wedding jewellery collection you are going to adorn on the wedding day and the other functions.Quality jewellery house in gazipur    We can see bangladash diversity even in the jewellery with very different styles of ornaments worn by brides from different parts of the country. Naturally, you too would have to follow the norms of your culture unless you are opting for a different styl

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Bismillah jewellery House is best Jewellery house in gazipu.           Gold prices have been increased by Tk 100 per gram in the local market following a hike in its global rates. Per gram of 22-carat gold was fixed at Tk 4,400, up by Tk 100 from the previous price set at the end of January this year. The new prices of the precious metal came into effect from Friday, said a statement issued by Bangladesh Jewellers' Samity (BAJUS).Bismillah jewellery house is quality Jewellery house in gazipu.        The statement, signed by BAJUS general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwala, also said: "BAJUS has revised the gold prices upward, considering a continuous price hike of the metal in the international market and bullion in the local market."Bismillah jewellery house best jewellery House in gazipu.       As per the new rates, per gram of 21-carat and 18-carat gold will be sold at Tk 4,200 and Tk 3,770 respectively, up by Tk 100 from the previous rates. The price of trad